Brian Mangum grew on the coast of North Carolina. At the age of 16 he was given the opportunity to travel the world as a missionary. This is also the time Brian started to sing, write, and record songs. Experiencing different cultures helped to shape Brian’s perspective and message in his music.

Brian writes about life, whether it is good or bad. Brian says, “I’ll tell a story, I’ll ask a question, or sometimes I’ll just say it like it is, but you’ll always hear truth at the heart of what I’m writing.”

Brian also writes about struggles. According to Brian, “Struggles are inevitable, but through struggles we grow in character and a gain greater perspective on life.  We also better understand what others are going through enabling us to show greater compassion for others who are suffering. “

Brian’s style is mainly pop, but also represent a plethora of styles including rock, country, blues, R&B and dance. He has sang and played for churches and events worldwide, and has written, recorded and self-produced three albums Revealed (2006), Life Without Spiritual Glasses (2013), and The Struggle (2021).




Life Without Spiritual Glasses

The Struggle