Press Release: "Prone To Pleasing Us" Set to Release in April

2016-04-01 20:30:24 brianmangum the years I have had several demo songs, as well as solo piano album I made for my wife. Though I have shared these projects, all of them were put aside and never completed,.

In the past few weeks I recently have made it my goal to start completing these unreleased projects. The first song is a song I will be completing will be a song I was working on back in 2014. The song is called “Prone To Pleasing Us.”

The song is a mid-tempo pop-style song with dance-style instrumentation. The sounds are purely midi-sample based except fr the vocals. The lyrics talk about how easy it is in our culture to only be thinking about ourselves and not others.

Quite often I find myself struggling with only thinking about myself. This song challenges me to get outside of my comfort zone and to get in the mind-set of loving and caring for others. My hope is that this song affects you in the same way. None of us are perfect, we all need grace, and we all need to show compassion.

Stay tuned.  The release of “Prone To Pleasing Us” is set to happen sometime this month.




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The New Album Is Here!

2013-10-08 22:49:17 brianmangum

TBrianMangumNewCDCovero All My Fans,

The new Album is finally out! My previous album ‘Revealed’ was released in 2006, and after this album I decided to put my time and focus on my family and my job as a full-time worship leader. Though I did write during this season of my life the only song released during this time was ‘My Son’ I decided to look further into mixing, producing and recording, so I moved to Nashville. I planned to go to school for recording but was never able to go due to finances. I then decided to pray and fast for 40 days, I was not praying specifically about doing another album, but I was looking for some direction. I realized I still enjoyed being a Music Artist. I decided to go back to my roots of being a Pop Radio Artist. One and a half years later, here we are! I hope you enjoy this new album. Thank you for all your support, and God Bless!

Brian Mangum

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